Earn Money by Clicking Ads: Best Free PTC Sites 2017

Top 5 Best PTC Websites of 2017 to Earn Money

Getting paid to click commercials advt. is one of the easiest and best possible ways to make more money online. You do not need any technical background, you just need to realize a way to use a laptop and browse the net. For those who are not familiar with Paid to Click (PTC) Websites yet. Right here’s our short description of it. And later, I will tell about most trusted Top 5 best PTC sites of 2017.


Paid to click on websites or PTC sites are pay their members in exchange of clicking ads on their website. There are different approaches to making more money from them. For example taking surveys, completing tasks and browsing the internet.

Participants will receive a commission thru online e-charge services like PayPal, Payza, Netteler and many others.


Few Words Before I start to tell, Trusted Paid to click websites 2017

Trusted ptc sits to earn money

Here we mentioned only trusted websites. These sites are widely recognized for their stability, reliability, and profitability. There so many scam PTC websites out there. So it is important to work with only legit and trusted websites. Otherwise, our time and hard work will be the waste.

Due to this reason, we do not include a few strong and popular PTC sites right here. We are just trying to prevent you all from scam websites. Within the past, few sites had troubles paying their participants. Only the exceptional PTC sites can be seen on this web page.

These websites have their very own suitable features and strength. A few are paying very high per click charge. And few with well referral packages, few have low priced advertising bundle. And some don’t have any minimal payout. Even though these websites are different with every other. They have got one factor in common that’s “They are paying”.

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Top 5 Best PTC sites: 2017

The top 5 PTC websites, mentioning here, are rounded and trusted websites. They had been right here for a while without giving any trouble paying to their participants. We included only 5 years or older PTC websites in below list…

Pay-To-Click Earn Money


Disable your AdBlock plugin otherwise you won’t be able to view the available commercials.

               1- Neobux

Neobux is one of the Top Paid to Click sites that definitely pay. And for some, it is the leader. It’s been procuring over eight years without a difficulty. Similarly, they are paying all of their participants immediately. We are a sign that a PTC website is fair.

There are many options to make money from Neobux, but my favorite program is their mini process. You may earn faster with the aid of doing small works in place of clicking advertisements. It is able to take you a whole month to make $1 from clicking advertisements. But as it could be made in much less than every week from doing mini jobs. At your starting, you might think. doing small tasks is time killing. However, once you get used to it, it’ll be plenty less complicated and quicker.Top PTC Sites 2017 Earn Money

Neobux offer 30 advts. daily normal and maximum of them are well worth $0.001. It means that you could make as a minimum $0.90 in a month. At the same time as tasks aren’t usually available. But they pay better.

Completing small tasks with exact accuracy will increase your rank one notch. And as your rank goes higher extra task can be to be had for you with higher values.

               2- Clixsense

Clixsense is one of the maximum trusted Paid to Click sites. It has been online for greater than 9 years. And it is getting stronger by way of the day. Clixsense in no way missed paying a single member. So you will always be tension free with this site.

Clixsense members from top level countries like America, those personUnited Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, have an estimated earnings of $1 consistent with the day from PTC adverts. While they are able to make money taking surveys kind of $20 per week. Further, they’re getting greater surveys and tasks than maximum participants. Here we can say, they can make extra cash from Clixsense than the others.

This makes experience given that most entrepreneurs are constant person from those countries. Do you know why?

Because they may be established and examined to generate leads and convert income. For people who are not in a leader level areas, no need to be depressed. There are few other options to earn decent cash from Clixsense so buck up folks.

Now read carefully…

Now telling you all the other options to earn money from this website. These are completing tasks they giving, doing obligations, playing grid games, answering surveys. And final and a most profitable option is referring individuals.

I wrote in details about Referral Earnings. I am highly recommending you all to read below link before start your PTC websites Registrations.

Earn Money Online with PTC (Paid to Click) Sites: The Ugly Truth

Clixsence has its 8-stage referral Program. It offers every person big chance to have passive income online. All you need to do is to improve your membership for $17. It could be very cheap if you compared to different PTC websites. And refer few of your friends.


You could get $2 commission from your direct referrals if they upgraded their club. And $1 commission from the succeeding levels as much as level 8.

However, don’t think that is a piece of cake. So not all people will be a part of while we ask them to. Although it’s possible, make effort continuously don’t leave in mid and you will obtain great profit. These are the main reasons for what we include this website in our Top 5 Best PTC Sites: 2017 list.


Scarlet-Clicks is a fine PTC Site. Here you can earn money from viewing ads. Even though, they have got different methods to earn cash. Like scarlet grid, PTCwall and PTSU it stays a “Bux type version”. Their programs are similar to, doing works, answering surveys and clicking ads.

PTSU is a paTop PTC Sites 2017 Earn Moneyid to sign up application. Here you will get income after signing up to every other software they’re promoting. Its more than 6 years old website and in no way had an issue paying their contributors

Scarlet-clicks would not promise that you may get rich. But if you may be part of them, they may genuinely give you a chance to earn extra cash without spending a penny. However, you may best see their complete capability. If you could get lots of DR’s and improve your club.


Buxp is one of the most solid Paid to click site in present. It’s most effective slightly in the back of Clixsense. They’ve several packages where you could earn cash. Like viewing videos from YouTube and Vimeo, viewing advertisements. Doing small tasks, surfing provides partitions and their Referral program.

But, it’s tough to earn first rate money from Buxp, in case you don’t have direct referrals. It took me a month earlier than incomes a dollar from viewing ads. And kind of any second dollar from doing small tasks.

Buxp additionally has limitless referral offers. It means you can refer as many participants as you can. Even though you could buy referrals from Buxp,

But we do not suggest buying referrals. You could improve your club to help you earn faster. This may double your fee from your referrals. And as a premium member, you will have the benefit of replacing inactive referrals without cost (constrained).

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The simplest true aspect about buying referrals is you don’t have to pay monthly charges to hold them. Unlike rented referrals that will make your pocket empty from renewal costs.

Buxp has been online for 7 years and remains one of the best PTC Website, inside the enterprise. And just like the other PTC websites, this site has by never ignored to pay any member. It’s far very good and reliable website. Without including Buxp we can not complete our Top 5 PTC Sites list of 2017.

5-Donkey Mails


DonkeyMails is another most trusted and long-standing PTC website. It is one of the oldest website, been online for more than 10 years. It has precise credibility in terms of paying its members. This Paid to click site has a lot of options where you could earn clean cash so easily. Like studying emails, paid to click, completing tasks, offer wall, paid to sell. And Paid for sign up, get paid to Review.

Top PTC Sites 2017We can’t say that it is a high paying PTC website. Its click rate is pretty similar to all else websites. However, they have got such a lot of advertisements and tasks available normal. You could have per day income of as a minimum $0.04. It’s way higher than maximum PTC websites. That’s why we included this PTC Site in our Top 5 list of 2017.

Further, Donkeymails has a very good referral program. In which you could get handsome money from level -5 referrals deep. Right here’s what you could get from their five stage referral program:

1.           Level  1 – 10%

2.           Level  2 – 5%

3.           Level  3 – 3%

4.           Level 4 – 2%

5.           Level 5 – 1%

Similarly, they have limitless referral option. This is ideal news for those who need to refer as many contributors as they need. Those programs work hand in hand to offer decent profits.

So finally our Top 5 best and trusted PTC Sites: 2017 list is completed. But is not the end. If you want to earn money from home in a good amount you should be registered at least on 10 PTC Sites. So in next article, We will cover few more PTC Sites so you can build a strong platform in this current year 2017. We will meet again very soon…

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