Social Trade Scam Or Not: Yes It Is

Social Trade Scam or Not

I posted a video on My Youtube Channel at October 2016 where I discussed Social Trade and its non-legit plan.  As well as this article too on Blogger, Quora, and my another website. I am republishing my original article again which I have Published on November of 2016…

Few appreciated me and Many criticized me. Criticisers ask me to know about Social Trade then make a video. I share my video link on the bottom of Blog.  So now Here I am Now

I researched a lot about social trade plan and its working. Few things I really don’t understand yet. If Social Trade biz is mother concern then what is Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And why in legal documents both companies look separate.  As per my knowledge according to Indian Law, If you are running a Multi-Level Marketing Plan, at least there should be one product to sell. Otherwise, that MLM plan will be under Money circulating chain system.

Then somebody told me in Social Trade there is a Service Not a product. By offering Service Social Trade Biz plan meet the minimum requirement of Indian Law, as Speak Asia Sell Subscription of Online Magazine. Now nobody knows where the hell is Speak Asia. But Big Question is what service?

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Now the Joke begins, Social Trade taking his Joining Fess against the promotion of that Individuals Facebook Page. What is this nonsense….

Do you think any person who don’t have any business, purchased a packaged to promote his business? It’s because Social Trade Plan Business Model required a product to sell at the time of Joining to meet out guidelines of  Indian Law.

Now 2nd part of the plan Social Trade offers Rs. 5/- per page like to his members and if you Joined under STP10 Plan then they will send you 10 Facebook page per day to like. As per Their members, Social Trade claims that Facebook pays him Rs. 10/- per page like and they share their half profit with the member.

Do you think its possible?


As per my knowledge if you want to promote your page on facebook they charged a lump sum amount and advertise you on the places related you. Not charging one Fix amount to like every page.

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On practical grounds if you calculated then against Rs. 1000/- Promotional Campaign, Page will get about  200 to 1200 page likes if you Choose right target audience, SEO, and Good Content. But nothing is in fixed. On practical grounds if you calculate per page like cost it might vary, It might be Rs. 0.10/- or it might be Rs. 15/- per page like.

So If Social Trade claiming everybody as Rs. 10/- per page like, I doubt that. Now you Decide Social Trade is Scam or Not.

Few Words On February 2017:

Today we all have the answer that social trade is the scam or not, Yes it is a scam. Before joining these type of companies you should think and rethink. Normally this kind of companies working 3 to 4 years. Collect about few thousand crores and disappear. Fortunately, this time owner is in the jail, but what’s about those people who invested recently with this company. Their money has gone on fire.

Joining this type of plans is not a bad Idea, but there are again few tricks and precautions, working behind it, that I will share in my next artical.


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