Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Fast & Easy : Without Investment 2017

Earn Money Online Rs. 50,000 with Dignity


Work from home and get paid is really very easy now. Many of us really don’t know what types of options are available to Earn money online. Here I am discussing Top 10 Online money making  Options Check it out:

Paid to Click Sites (PTC)

It is very popular concept among all the advertisers. In past online promotion companies hire employees they watch the adds, open websites to increase traffic for their client’s sites, many people willing to pay to increase fan following to social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.

Pay To Click

Now these promotional companies are sharing their profit with real end users so they build PTC websites and paying on average $0.01 to $0.50 for viewing adds, liking somebodies facebook page, Play Games and so on.

You can earn daily up to $3 to $4 per day from each PTC websites by spending 10 minutes on each site. If you wanna know about these sites more then leave a comment and with your mail-id, I will send you the list of 5+ PTC sites so you can Earn money online so easily.

Online Survey Jobs

Many websites conducting online surveys to collect the data worldwide. Normally in each survey, they required Personal details like your age, family members, Yearly Income and your opinion about any particular subject or product.

Paid Surveys

Each Survey pays you about $0.5 to $5. Many people earn very good from Online Survey sites. Each site offers 3 to 5 surveys to each user thousands of sites are out there.

If you want to know more about it, add a comment below. I will send you 20+ survey sites address on your mail-id.

Online Writing Job

If you have writing skills, there are so many sites paying $1 to $10 for 300 words content.

Work From Home

The work could be a blog, article, content writing, copywriting.You can earn very good money by doing simple one hour working from home.


Be Seller on Fiverr

Fiverr offered almost all kind of work available online.You will get minimum $5 for each service you do.  On Fiverr, they called it “Gig”

Earn Money Online

People earning extremely good from this one site and doing full-time work on it.

If you want to know full details about Then I strongly recommend you to Check this

To watch full video tutorial Step by step click below:



Online Tutor

If you are good in any subject or any topic, this work is awesome, full of Dignity. For this, you should have one computer and internet connection. Install skype and start.

You will get paid very good for per lecture. Just register yourself on few online tutor websites and start to earn money online. No need to go anywhere.

If you subscribe me on my site, I can get your mail -id so I can able to send you 5+ online tutor websites, or leave a comment below with your mail id.

Sell your products online

If you have any kind of product but you don’t know how to make e-commerce sites, then no need to worry. Ebay, Flipkart, amazon, snap deal are providing free space on their websites. Lakhs of people visit these sites daily so you don’t need to search clients. Sell Products in a dignified way.

Earn Online

Make a user id and list your products with full specifications along with photographs. Offer lucrative schemes and start selling. For any query you can leave a comment, I will reply you.


Blogging is one the best way for online earning. If you know a little bit extra on any topic of the world, start a blog on blogger free. You need not, to sell anything. Simply share your information with others.

Earn Money Onlin

After 7 to 14 days from starting your blog, Google Adsense offer will be open. Simply link your blogger with google Adsense. Adsense will place ads on your blog. After that when people open your blog they see ads and you get paid.

Thousands of person doing only blogging and earning thousands, you can start many blogs from the same platform. More your write more you earn.

If you need any information about this leave a comment or subscribe my mail list. I will reply you.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have any product but you want to sell products without knowing anybody, go and join affiliation programs of established e-commerce sites like amazon, snap deal, Flipkart, shop clues, myntra.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. E-commerce websites provide product links and offer links. Simply copy those codes and paste on your blogs and your website if you have any, or in different forums like quora.

Believe me, thousands of people earning more than lakhs per month through affiliate marking in a very Dignified Way.

Online Captcha Filling

If your typing speed is good you can earn up to @200 per month by typing captcha. They give captcha with the time limit like 30 seconds for one captcha.

Earn Online

If you can type fast then make user id on 4 to 5 captcha filling sites, You can earn up to $700 to @1000 by doing this only.

If you need few captcha filling sites name write me I will send you 3 best captcha filling site name.

Web Designing

If you have the knowledge of work press then you can earn very good money online. You can make designs sites and earn up to Rs. 10,000/- per job.One site takes only 2 to 3 days.

Make Money Online

If you don’t know, how to work on work press, don’t worry. It only 1-week task to learn how to become a web designer. Wix is a very good platform for beginners. You can go there and learn basics. But that’s not for commercial purpose. You can only learn over there. If you want to start it professionally then you need to know world press.

For any query ask me.

Start Youtube Channel

It is one of the best options to make money online. If you Know anything better than a common man, make a video even with your mobile camera. Now login on youtube with your google account. Make a channel over there, name your channel.

earn money online

Now upload your video and monetize your video with google Adsense and publish your video. I have a channel on youtube that’s Desi Gyaan, am earning enough side Income from youtube. It is my favorite way to earn money online.

Earn money online
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