Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online : PTC Websites, Blogs, Captcha Entry

Make Money Online with PTC Websites, Blogs and Captcha Entry


Make money online is not a piece of cake. Although we heard allot on the web that earns $100 per day or earns Rs 50000/- per month, easy tricks and so on, but it always not as simple as we understand. Making money online is a process. It takes at least 6 months time to develop a proper platform online.

During your research work for making money online you must have come across hundreds of websites convincing you to sign up and start earn from today from $1 per hour to  $100 per day. Most of us are the victims of such scam sites. Some of us may be lost some cash on those sites too.

Here I have come up with some trusted websites to make money online, however, you need to dedicate serious efforts on below mention sites. It is not so easy to attract cash in your bank accounts but it is not impossible too. I will help you on your every step. If you feel  any kind of the problem you can ask me

So let us begin with some trustworthy site for Making money online-

PTC Websites:


Make Money Online

Clixsense is most renowned PTC website. PTC site mans Paid To Click. Here you can earn in three ways.

  1. Clicking and Viewing ads: You can earn up to $0.02 for clicking and viewing ads. They provide you dozens of links daily to view ads at least for 5 seconds. Before starting their take a tutorial tour, which appears as you sign-up there.
  1.  Surveys: Clixsense is also providing surveys time to time and pay up to $1.5 per survey. Before taking the survey you have to complete your survey profile over there. Only after that, you will eligible to get surveys.
  1. Referral Income: If you are a premium user then you will earn 50% as a bonus of your referrals income. For example, if you refer somebody on clicxsense and he earns $1 from there then you will get commission worth $0.5.

You can go and signup here and Start good earning.

Mostly PTC websites are working same as Clixsense. Few more good PTC websites are Neobux, Clixblue, JustAdey, FamilyClix, Mypayingads, AdsBazar, Clixten and many others. It is a perfect way to make money online for beginners.


It one of most respectful and trusted way to make money online. You can create a blog on google that is and monetizes your blogger with Google Adsense, Adhitz, Chitika, Bings Ads. You can earn easily up to 25,000/- per month by writing some good stuff.

Make Money Online

Suppose you are good in cricket. You can write about cricket. Or even you a good to impress a girl or a boy you can also write about that over there. Believe me, if you keep on posting things over your blog you will get very soon your readers. More traffic will give you more money.

In blogger there is an option $Earning click on that, it will automatically redirect you on google Adsense. But this option will be activated after about 15 days of creating your blog.

Captcha Entry Work Sites

If your typing speed is good then this Online earning job is very good for you. You can earn a good income by simply typing captchas. A person with average typing speed can earn easily @1 to @2 per hour.

Earn Online

Normally captcha filling websites are very strict & ban the accounts of their worker if they found repeated mistakes.  So when you do this job be aware, they ban you for very few mistakes.
However most liberal website for captcha filling. It starts by Indian Govt, so obviously it is one the most trustworthy captcha filling the website. But you have Aadhar Card to sign up on this website. This site not banning you if you do mistakes. Very good site in my knowledge.
You can try other captcha filling sites too like Kolotibablo, Mega Typers, Captcha Typers, Pro Typers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captch and may other sites

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