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We are one of the largest Physiotherapist teams in Noida. We treat all physio problems. Have a look below to know our physio services

Physiotherapy for Muscle Cramps in Noida

Leg cramps are the usual and ordinary harmless condition where the muscles in your leg suddenly become tight and painful.Read More

Physiotherapy for Tennis-Elbow in Noida

Tennis elbow, which is also known as lateral epicondylitis is a condition that causes severe pain in the tendons of the forearms extensor…… Read More

Physiotherapy for Golfers Elbow in Noida

Golfers-Elbow is one of the most excruciating pains that a person needs to suffer from. It is mainly due to a strain in the muscle flex of your wrist and fingers…….. Read More


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Joint Efforts is a Group of 150+ skilled physiotherapists. We offer all physiotherapy treatments at our clinic in Sector-51 Noida, as well as physiotherapy at home in Noida. We are working since 2010 and helped 45000+ patients to live pain-free life. We do treat all kinds of pain i.e. Back, lower back, Shoulder, neck, knee, elbow, wrist, and ankle pain in Noida. We promote manual therapy with quick and permanent pain relief.

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Upendra Mishra

A very good team of Physiotherapists, Dr. Anshul Parashar, and Dr. Yasir supported excellently. My wife was suffering from knee joint pain but after regular visits which started with Dr. Anshul Parashar and then taken over by Dr. Yasir, the pain has subsided and she could start doing her daily routine almost perfectly. It could be possible only due to sincere efforts of Physio with various types of exercise. Thanks to the Team of the Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic.

Sanjay Kumar

“I got Dr. Anshul Parashar’s reference from my society’s WhatsApp group. Believe me when I enquired 4 people sent me DM for his reference. He is quite a famous physio in the Central Noida locality. My gym injury of the shoulder was taken care of by him and it was treated very well. Just in 5 sessions, my pain came under control. I believe a lot in his treatment. Just like a family physician, he is like a family physio to our society MAHAGUN MODERNE.

Manju Bhatnagar

“ Due to continuous holding of mouse and keyword, I got elbow and wrist pain. Dr Anshul said that it is tennis elbow pain radiating up to the wrist. His treatment was a mulligan technique and it helped me a lot. People should look for such kind of experienced and hands-on physios. “


“I have been a patient at Joint Efforts Physiotherapy Clinic, for a while now. My physiotherapist, Anshul Parashar, is a knowledgeable and professional individual. I am grateful for the care, compassion, and understanding.”

Ravi Shankar Mishra

” Anshul came as a blessing to my pain and issue. It is been 1 year since I’ve been associated with him and I find him very helpful as well as knowledgeable. He has an apt to understand the issue and look towards a solution out of the box. I would rate him as one of the best physiotherapists in Noida who even understands issues pertaining to Neuro.
If you have any issues would recommend him for a consultation and I’m sure he would give you the best-fit solution which would not only take care of your health but even your pocket. Keep it up, Anshul.”

Reena Nandi

“I and my husband both took chiro sessions from Dr. Anshul Parashar and Dr. Indu Parashar. They both are good at their services. I was having knee pain and my husband had neck pain and back pain. We took the package for 20 days. Treatment was always effective and rehabilitation exercises were taught very elaborately. They have a YouTube channel also for seeing to exercise at home. Good arrangements for every patient. Highly recommended.



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